Resolve to Protect Your Plumbing in the New Year

Happy New Year! If you’re ready to usher in 2021 with New Year resolutions that make your life better, why not add one for your home’s plumbing system? We aren’t crazy here at Five Star Plumbing. We know it’s an odd suggestion, but bear with us. There are many bad habits that we all have that actually damage our plumbing. Resolve to turn over a new leaf this year and protect your plumbing.

Resolve to Protect Your Drains

Let’s start with the drains. Everything you wash down them can clog and damage your plumbing pipes. The only thing that should be going down your drains is water. Install nets on all of your drains that catch food waste in the kitchen sink and hair and soap scum in the bathtubs and showers. Don’t forget about your bathroom sinks and all the whiskers that go down them from shaving. Protect your drains with a New Year resolutions.

Resolve to Use the Garbage Disposal Less

The garbage disposal is a bit of an anomaly. You think it’s there so you can shove food down it and turn it on to chew it up but it’s actually a very bad idea to do this. It’s better to avoid overloading your plumbing with food scraps, even ground up ones. Rather, use a drain net and toss the food scraps in the trash. Use the disposal to breakdown anything that accidentally makes its way down the drain.

Resolve to Get the Water Heater Serviced

Flushing a water heater tank regularly is a good way to extend its life. Servicing a tankless water heater ensures it’s operating efficiently and doesn’t have any gas leaks. An annual visit by a licensed plumber can give the technician a chance to inspect the water heater for any damage or old and worn parts that could affect the heater’s performance. It’s less expensive to replace a part than an entire water heater.

Resolve to Stop Abusing the Toilets

Do you flush everything, including cat litter, down the toilet? Stop. Please. Your toilets are begging you for mercy. We know that some feminine products, certain types of cat litter, and even some baby wipes say you can flush them down the toilet, but you shouldn’t. You also shouldn’t flush facial tissue or adult cleansing wipes down the toilet nor should you flush bathroom cleaning wipes down it, either.

Finally, resolve to have your plumbing system inspected at the first sign of trouble. If you live in San Antonio or Corpus Christi, TX, you’re in luck! Five Star Plumbing only staffs experienced plumbing technicians who are ready to help you resolve to take care of your plumbing system this year.