Why Does My Ice Maker Keep Freezing

If you have an ice maker in your refrigerator, you may notice that it starts to continuously freeze. This can be frustrating and can cause your ice maker to become clogged. Not only could this cause damage to your appliances, but it might also result in costly repair or even the need for complete replacement. It’s important to know what causes your ice maker to freeze, so read on to learn more about what the possible reasons could be.

The Fill Tube and Water Supply Line are Frozen

In order to supply water to your ice maker, it relies on a fill tube and a direct water supply line. Sometimes, these parts can become frozen, causing a complete stall in ice production. Check your ice maker and see if the tube and line are frozen, and then thaw them out using hot water poured directly over the line. You can also remove the parts and thaw them in the sink if you choose. Most water supply lines are simply attached by a few screws, so they are easy to remove and replace.

Check Your Freezer Thermostat

Sometimes, the reason your ice maker keeps freezing is simply that the temperature is set much too low. Take a closer look at your freezer’s current temperature and adjust it as needed. It could just be a matter of temperatures operating at an extremely low number, which will cause the ice maker to freeze. This is an easy fix, and you can always tweak the temperature as needed until you find the right level of coldness that works for you.

The Water Inlet Valve is Bad

A part called a water inlet valve is what controls the flow of water into your ice maker. It is usually found near the rear of your refrigerator behind the main back access panel. Over time, this part could get worn out or go bad, causing the ice cube tray to overfill when it’s not ready. Water inlet valves also use a screen filter. This filter can get clogged with mineral deposits and other debris over time. Simply remove the water inlet valve, and then pry the screen out using a screwdriver and rinse the screen clean with soap and warm water. Run your ice maker to see if this remedies the problem.

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