Why Does My Hot Water Take So Long to Heat Up?

Is there anything more refreshing than a hot shower first thing in the morning? If delayed hot water keeps your chilly feet on the bare tile for more than a couple of minutes, this morning routine can feel frustrating. Keep reading to learn common causes of hot water delay and how to fix them.

Why Hot Water Takes Forever to Reach the Tap

Waiting for water to reach the ideal temperature not only makes you cranky, it wastes money. The most common reason for this delay involves the distance between the hot water heater and the tap. The longer the distance, the longer the wait. This means the wait time can vary from faucet to faucet. If the hot water heater sits in the laundry room and the master bathroom falls across the house, it can take several minutes for water to travel through the winding pipe system. Also, if the faucet has a low volume restrictor or low flow rate set, it furthers the delay.

How to Hasten Hot Water

In most cases, a hot water recirculating system will solve your chilly dilemma. These handy systems circulate unused water back to the hot water heater to keep warmed water conveniently located. On top of shortening the wait for hot water, this system will add efficiency and money savings to the deal.

In older homes, you can have a pump installed in the hot water heater and a device (that looks like a sink) put at the furthest tap to streamline hot water. For newer homes, you might consider a new pipe system that loops to long-distance taps and shortens the travel distance.

For immediate relief, you can try using a quick delivery unit on the tap farthest away from the hot water heater. This unit comes with a kit and instructions for simple installation (including flexible pipes and a pump). Once you’ve attached the unit to the water pipes and your faucet, the pump will draw hot water from the heater and relocate any tepid water down the drain.

If you have a hot water heater older than 10 years, having it upgraded can help with several issues, including a long wait time. Sometimes rust, corrosion or leaks can negatively-impact water output and temperature, so a new hot water heater might be all it takes to solve this problem.

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