Why Do I Have a Sewer Smell in My Bathroom?

The last thing you want in your clean bathroom is a smell that is reminiscent of the sewer. Why is this smell permeating your bathroom? Is it dangerous? Five Star Plumbing can find the source of the sewer smell in your bathroom and fix it. Here are common reasons why clean bathrooms can smell dirty.

Drains Collect More Than Just Water

When you shower and wash your hands and brush your teeth, lots of stuff ends up going down the drain besides the water. There’s also various soaps and cleansers that can form sticky spots that grab onto other stuff. That other stuff includes hair and dead skin cells. As gross as it sounds, all of that can hang out in your drain for quite a while and start to stink everything up as it decomposes.

The P-trap Is Dry

There’s a U-shaped trap underneath your sink called the P-trap. This special shape allows the P-trap to hold onto a small amount of water after the sink drains. This is important because that small amount of water becomes a barrier between sewer gases and the rest of your bathroom. If that pocket of water dries out, there’s no barrier and sewer smell easily escapes through your drains.

Your Toilet’s Wax Ring Needs Replacing

Underneath your toilet is a wax ring. You might have even seen it without realizing what it was. The wax ring is there to form a seal between the toilet itself and the drainpipe that leads out of the house. Those wax rings can last for a very long time, but they don’t last forever. If the ring is damaged and needs replacing, you’ll probably notice that there are some iffy smells in the bathroom and there may be water leaking from underneath the toilet.

The Smell Might Be the Water

Sometimes the smell is the water itself. Some areas have naturally smelly water or there may be added chemicals from the water company at various times. The water company typically warns you when they’ll be adding chemicals that might alter how your water smells and tastes, but they might not always do so. If you do think it’s the water, contact your water provider to find out what they can tell you.

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Photo by Odua Images via Canva Pro