The Best Backyard Water Activities

Texas summers get crazy hot, folks, and with almost 12 hours of full sun, you’ll need ways to keep cool. So, when daytime television and internet surfing have all but made you crazy, jump in the backyard and try out these family-friendly activities.

Water Balloon Bonanza

On their own, water balloons can generate hours of play, especially with modern contraptions that attach to hoses and make it easy to fill 20 or 30 balloons at once. To vary the game a bit, try hanging them along a string or wire between trees, fence posts, or along monkey bars. Now grab a stick and get to whacking.

Eco-Friendly Sponge Bombs

If water balloon cleanup has you worried, try making water bombs out of sponges. They soak up water and make great launchers, and you and the kids can have a DIY project to complete together.

To make the sponge bombs, you just need a set of sponges and twine or string. Cut the sponges into strips (about an inch wide), then stack 9 strips together (3 layers of 3). After that, tie the twine or string around the middle, double-knotting it for durability. You can soak these in a bucket full of water and play baseball, dodgeball or any game of your choice. And best of all, these are reusable!

Slip N Slide

Is there anything more fun than launching yourself onto a slippery surface while water sprays you in the face? You can buy a number of commercial slides or make one out of pool noodles and plastic.

To begin a DIY slip n slide, you’ll need a spool of plastic and some pool noodles. After unwinding the plastic, put noodles along the sides and secure them with landscape pens (wrap the plastic around the noodle first). When you’ve finished, you should have several feet of plastic secured by noodles along each side. Now, spray down the plastic and get it slick with your favorite tear-free soap (you can also smear soap over your body to intensify the slickness).

Water Gun Fun

Versatile and easy to use, water guns make excellent summertime accessories. You can play freeze tag (when you get squirted, you have to freeze until someone tags you free), set up targets (solo cups work great), or have a traditional water battle.

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