The Benefits of a Low-Flow Toilet

One of the best things to consider when upgrading your bathrooms is low-flow toilets. These plumbing fixtures come with a ton of benefits that we will list below. Plus, you can hire Five Star Plumbing to install the cost-saving fixtures. Our licensed and certified technicians have vast experience in bathroom upgrades, so you know the job will be done right the first time. Remodeling is stressful. Let us ease your mind with plumbing upgrades that are designed to last a long time.

Financial Savings

As we said above, low-flow toilets are cost-efficient. You may pay more for them when you purchase them, but you will earn back your money and more with the savings you’ll realize on your water bills. How you save money is simple: Low-flow toilets use less water when you flush them. In fact, the numbers might surprise you. When you flush a standard toilet, you use 3.4 gallons of water. When you flush a low-flow toilet, you use 1.6 gallons. That’s nearly half as much water used with each flush. Imagine how much lower your water bill will be each month.

Keeps You Green

As you can imagine, using less water is good for the environment. Many people purchase low-flow toilets to reduce their carbon footprints. If you don’t care about that, here is something else to consider: The low-flow toilet is less stressful to your household plumbing and sewage systems. Your plumbing will last much longer with a low-flow toilet because it uses less water and pressure. Once you have the low-flow toilet professionally installed, you won’t need to worry about much after that. These toilets last a very long time as does the plumbing to which they are connected.

Dual-Flush Benefits

If you aren’t ready to go low-flow quite yet, you can consider installing dual-flush toilets. These toilets offer both standard and low-flow flushes. In other words, you can use the standard flush when you need more flushing power and the low-flow flush when you don’t. You’ll still save money on your water bills and help the environment. You’ll also stress out your plumbing and sewage lines less when you opt to use the low-flow flush. These toilets are beneficial for those who are concerned that low-flow toilets will not clear away the debris completely when you flush them.

Either way, call Five Star Plumbing in Corpus Christi or San Antonio, TX, for plumbing assistance with your bathroom remodels. Again, we are experts in plumbing and toilet installations.

Photo by TanyaRozhnovskaya from Getty Images via Canva Pro