Thanksgiving Foods That Can Clog Your Plumbing

Many people make the mistake of assuming that they can stuff things down their kitchen drains because they have garbage disposals. Unfortunately, Five Star Plumbing warns that putting food down your kitchen drain can actually clog your plumbing and damage the pipes. This is especially true with your Thanksgiving meal preparation and cleanup. We are going to list the specific Thanksgiving foods that should be put in the trash instead of down the drain below.


Yes, turkey bones are soft, especially the smaller ones, but you should never grind bones up in your garbage disposal. This not only damages the disposal but the bone matter will clog your plumbing and your septic system if you are on a septic tank instead of the municipal sewage system.

Cooking Oil/Fat

Another thing you should never put down the drain is cooking oil or cooking fats. Oil builds up on the inside of your plumbing pipe walls and creates a huge mess. As you wash other things down the drain, they stick to the cooking oil and you end up with a clog that you cannot break up.

Potato Peels

One of the worst things you could put down the drain is potato peels. Even yam or sweet potato peels will get tangled up inside your garbage disposal and create a huge mess. It’s crucial that you peel your potatoes and yams into the garbage rather than into the sink.

Starchy Foods

Speaking of potatoes, starchy foods will clog your plumbing quickly. This includes potatoes, yams, rice, and pasta. It’s crucial that you avoid washing starchy foods down the drain. They will continue to expand in your plumbing pipes and clog them. If your pipes are already weakened due to age and wear and tear, the starchy foods could expand and break them.


As with cooking oils and fats, the turkey skin and fat can also create a greasy mess in your plumbing pipes. Even if you grind it up in the garbage disposal, the oil from the skin and the fat will build up inside your plumbing pipes. Throw these things away in the garbage.


In fact, it’s important that you avoid putting any foods down your garbage disposal. Rather than clean what’s left on the plates into the sink, scrape the plates into the trash. This helps prevent the foods discussed above from making their way into your household plumbing system.

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photo by JackValley from Getty Images Signature via Canva Pro