Should I Get a Low-Flow Toilet?

Low-flow toilets are all the rage, and for good reason. If you are interested in upgrading your bathroom’s plumbing fixtures and are considering purchasing new toilets, low-flow or dual-flow toilets may be the way to go. We here at Five Star Plumbing can install your new plumbing fixtures and make sure that you don’t need new plumbing connected to the fixtures, as well. It doesn’t matter if you decide to go for standard toilets or low-flow or dual-flow; we’ve got you covered. Let’s talk about the advantages of low-flow toilets below.

Cost Savings

Although they may be more expensive at first, low-flow toilets will save you money in the end. The whole purpose of installing a low-flow toilet is to ensure that you don’t use as much water each time you flush the toilet. Did you know that you use 3.4 gallons of water every time you flush a standard toilet? A low-flow toilet will only use 1.6 gallons of water when you flush it, which saves you significant money on your water bill. This is one reason why many people are upgrading to low-flow toilets.

Helps the Environment

Naturally, using less water helps the environment. Low-flow toilets are less strenuous on municipal water sources and septic systems. They are also less strenuous on sewage systems. If you are concerned about the environment, installing low-flow toilets throughout your home will reduce your water usage significantly as evidenced above. You can feel better every time you flush the toilet. Low-flow toilets are also good for businesses that are looking to save money on their utility bills.

Dual-Flush Advantage

Some people aren’t ready to go 100 percent low-flow, which is why there are dual-flow toilets out there to give you both options. Depending on the button you select to flush the toilet, you will either use the low-flow option and less water or the regular option and more water. This still saves you money in the end if you use the low-flow option whenever you can. There are times, however, when you’ll need to use the regular flush mechanism to clear the toilet completely.

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Photo by BradCalkins from Getty Images via Canva Pro