Seven Common Causes of Plumbing Leaks in Your Home

Plumbing leaks can be subtle or noticeable. The subtle leaks are the ones that can cause serious damage to your home and outdoor property. If the leaks are bad enough, you will notice a difference in your water bill. If they aren’t, they could be saturating your foundation or drywall without you even knowing it. Knowing the common causes of plumbing leaks helps. Five Star Plumbing lists seven below.

1. Seals

There should be seals around the water connectors of your household appliances, including your dishwasher, refrigerator, and washer. As the seals age and wear out, water will leak out of them. It can also leak out of the appliance, such as out of your dishwasher door.

2. Clogs

Clogged drains are one thing. You know that the drain is clogged because you can see it. Clogs further down in the plumbing system can damage the pipes and cause them to burst. If the pipes are strong enough to resist the bursts, they might still overflow.

3. Rust/Corrosion

Older plumbing pipes run a higher risk of getting corroded than newer ones do, so if your household plumbing has quite a few years behind it, it might be time to consider a new system. Rust and other corrosion can eat away at your pipes and cause them to leak through the holes.

4. Damaged Connectors

Pipe connections are the weakest point in your plumbing system. The pipe joints can deteriorate more quickly than the pipes can, and this will cause the system to leak at the joints. This is a hidden plumbing leak that is rarely visible. You might not know you have a plumbing joint link until your water bill skyrockets.

5. High Water Pressure

Too much water pressure can actually damage your plumbing. The high pressure stresses out plumbing pipes and fixtures, which can break them and cause them to leak. Uneven water pressure can also place an unnecessary strain on your household plumbing.

6. Root Damage

Tree root damage is one of the most common causes of plumbing leaks. As the roots grow, they encroach upon your plumbing system and can easily crack the pipes and connectors. You may not know that you have a plumbing leak because the leak will be underground.

7. Loose Bib Connections

Finally, the points where your water supply is connected to your house can also leak. Most people end up with a plumbing leak at their garden hose bibs. Oftentimes, the leak goes undetected because you aren’t looking at the hoses all the time.

Five Star Plumbing in San Antonio, TX, and also with licensed plumbers in Corpus Christi, TX, can help. We can find your household plumbing leak and fix it.

Photo by til5com from Getty Images via Canva Pro