My Pipe Froze and Busted! What Should I Do?

It might sound a little crazy to write about frozen pipes when we service the Corpus Christi and San Antonio areas, but we do get freezes in our part of the beautiful state from time to time of Texas. So, imagine you have one of the most common plumbing disasters up north – a pipe freezes and bursts. What should you do? Keep reading to find out.

First, Why Pipes Burst

First, let’s take a moment to explain why pipes burst. This phenomenon might take you back to grade or middle school science. When water freezes it expands. Ever notice how your ice cubes get bigger in the tray as the water solidifies? The same thing applies to your indoor and outdoor plumbing. You always have water in your pipes. When you turn off a faucet, some water remains. The colder it gets the more it expands and eventually, the pipe runs out of room.

Turn Off Your Water

Once a pipe bursts, the damage begins. Water rushes out of the pipe and into your ceiling, walls, foundation, ground, or wherever the burst pipe is located. The very first thing you should do after you shout a few choice words (and we won’t blame you) is to shut off your water at the main. You must stop the water from flowing to avoid additional damage. If you don’t know where your water main is located, find out now. Never wait until a disaster.

Shut Off Your Electricity

If your pipe burst anywhere near your home’s electrical system, shut off the electricity, too. For example, if your pipe burst in a wall, the electrical wires for your outlets are likely somewhere in the same wall. It’s better to be safe than sorry. If you suspect that water from the pipe has any chance at all of touching electrical wires, outlets, switches, or other assemblies, make certain to turn off your electricity to avoid fire danger or other hazards.

Remove the Water

As the water seeps into the ceiling, walls, and/or floors and foundation of your home, you are faced with two issues. First, water damage is an expensive repair when it’s excessive. You want to immediately begin the steps to sop up the water and dry the area as best you can. Otherwise, the water will saturate your drywall or concrete and damage it. Mold and mildew are also a concern, especially in Texas. Fungi love hot and humid climates.

Finally, call us here at Five Star Plumbing right away. If your pipes burst in Corpus Christi, TX, you can reach our emergency line at 361-400-0244. If you live in San Antonio, TX, call us at 210-446-4570. The sooner you get a plumbing expert in to assess and repair the damage the better. Act quickly to avoid an expensive repair bill.

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