How to Find the Perfect Outdoor Water Feature

Elevating your outdoor living space with a water fountain can be a solid investment. Not only do water features look elegant and fun, but they provide that ever-so-relaxing sound of bubbling, flowing liquid–an excellent option when you want to spend long summer afternoons lounging outdoors. While water features come in many sizes, shapes and designs, it’s important to consider several factors when shopping:


An important aspect of design, keeping fixtures appropriate for the space will enhance the area without taking over. For best results, measure your yard (precise numbers always help) and consider other landscaping or furniture that will share the space. You want outdoor elements to complement one another.


Back to the idea of complementary design, existing landscaping and personal preferences should govern how you shop for water fixtures. Popular options include statues, metal fountains, rock or urn styles, wall-attached fountains, animal shapes, and tiered fountains.

Flow Style

Do you want the water to bubble, spray, or produce a steady stream? Understanding the limitations of each will help you land on your ideal style.

  • pray – A more majestic approach, sprays look phenomenal but take up more space.
  • Steady Stream – Another look if you want a more formal appeal, steady streams demand less space but actually require more water.
  • Bubble – Bubbly fountains are usually placed around rocks or stones and create a charming effect both visually and auditorily.


Remember, anything you place outdoors must be able to withstand the elements. Especially in Texas, consider how summer heat and humidity might damage certain fountains. For example, limestone will erode in humid regions. On the other hand, concrete works well in heat but can crack during extreme winters (not a worry for this part of the country). Marble can also sustain heat while deteriorating in colder climates, and bronze can last forever but requires extensive polishing and maintenance.

Final Thoughts

If you have the space, adding a small pond can create an ethereal effect, and if you’re limited on room, water additions can be as unencumbering as a well-placed bird bath. Whatever you decide, make sure to research the cost of installation and maintenance, taking monthly water bills into account. Research and planning are the best defense against sticker shock and buyers’ remorse.

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