How Do I Keep My Faucets Clean?

You can keep your faucets clean with a few items you have around the house. These items are safe to use, unlike bleach or other harsh cleaners. If you notice the water flow coming out of your faucets sprays in odd directions or isn’t as forceful as it should be, chances are you have mineral build up in the faucets. If the suggestions below don’t help, call Five Star Plumbing and we’ll come out and take a look.

First, Understand Your Faucet

Before you put the rubber gloves, understand what finish each of your faucets have. This is important because the cleaning ingredients we’re going to suggest, no matter how natural, can harm certain faucet finishes. For example, you wouldn’t want to grab a scrub brush and cleanser to tackle the grime on your chrome faucet – you’ll scratch it. It’s best to use cleaning solutions and tools that won’t harm the finish.

Exterior Cleaning

Let’s go with the above example. You have chrome faucets and you want to clean the water spots off the outside of them. One of the best cleaning solutions for this task is right underneath your kitchen sink. Grab your dish soap and put a few drops of it into some warm water. Then, take a soft cloth and use the solution to wipe down the outside of your faucets. The dish soap should cut through the grease and grime and will rinse clean.

Tough Grime

If you have grime build-up on your faucets, white vinegar might come to your rescue. This natural cleaning solution is safe for just about any surface, but we recommend you still test a spot on your faucet to make certain it doesn’t discolor it. If all is well, add 1/2 cup white vinegar to your warm dish soap and water and use a sponge to help remove the grunge that won’t budge. If your faucet flow is compromised, unscrew the tip, remove the screen, and soak it in white vinegar.

Baking Soda

If the white vinegar/dish soap solution still left some hard water spots on your faucets, grab an old toothbrush and some baking soda to gently scour off the stains. Unlike cleanser, baking soda is much finer, so it doesn’t scratch delicate surfaces. Wet the toothbrush and dip it into the baking soda. Then, gently work on the stains that absolutely won’t move. You can clean your drains, too, with baking soda and white vinegar to remove nasty smells.

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