Five Signs You Have a Water Leak Somewhere

Water leaks aren’t always the most obvious thing to find warns Five Star Plumbing. In fact, you might not even realize that you have a leak at first. These signs can be what clues you in and helps you to figure out what’s happening sooner rather than later. The sooner you realize you have a water leak the quicker you can have it repaired to avoid water damage.

1. Your Water Bills Are Way Higher than Usual

One of the biggest ways that a homeowner notices that there’s a plumbing leak somewhere is the water bill. A higher bill than you expect is a big indication that there’s more going on. You can start checking the meter yourself to see how much water is flowing when you’re not at home. Write down the number before you leave, and then when you come back. Big difference? May well be a leak.

2. You’re Hearing Running Water

Lots of times homeowners think they’re hearing running water from somewhere and then convince themselves that they’re imagining it. Chances are, though, that if you’re hearing running water, that’s indeed what is happening. Try to find the sound where it’s the loudest. This will help you get the situation checked out right away to, again, avoid water damage in the walls or ceilings.

3. You’re Finding Water Stains or Damaged Ceilings or Floors 

Water leaves marks, even after it’s dried. So, if you find water stains, damage to the ceilings or floors, or peeling paint, that’s an indication of water damage. If you can follow these signs to their origin, you might even be able to find the source of the leak. One indicator is a loss of water pressure in one particular faucet, showerhead, toilet, or water-using appliance such as the dishwasher.

4. You’ve Got More Mildew and Mold than Usual

Another issue when you’ve got more water than usual is that mildew and mold tend to show up more frequently. This can be dangerous to your health, as well. Even if you’re able to clean up the mold and mildew, you need to figure out why you have more than usual and also check that spot frequently to see if the mold and mildew grow back.

5. You’ve Got a Soggy Spot in the Yard

When you head outside, do you suddenly have your own pond? This is a bad sign. It means that there’s some sort of leak underground and it’s creating this soggy spot. Finding the source of the leak is going to let that area dry up, too, so contact us at Five Star Plumbing in San Antonio, TX, or Corpus Christi. We can help you to find and fix whatever is causing your leak.

Photo by Cunaplus_M.Faba from Getty Images Pro via Canva Pro