Five Signs You Have A Gas Leak

Everybody knows a gas leak can be a very serious thing. From illness to explosions to death, natural gas may be a fantastic way to heat your water and home but it does come with gas leak concerns. Five Star Plumbing are not only plumbers but also gas leak experts. Here are five signs you might have a leak.

1. Smell Rotten Eggs or Skunk

Natural gas is odorless which is why gas distributors add an unpleasant scent to it so people can detect leaks. In some cases, you might smell rotten eggs; in other cases, it might smell as if your property has been skunked. Either way, if you notice an odd smell that does not go away, shut off your gas main and call for a gas leak inspection.

2. Dead Foliage

Natural gas lines are underground and you might have a leak without realizing it because the odor has not wafted to the surface. Perhaps you have noticed, however, that one spot of your garden consistently dies no matter what you plant there. It could be a small gas leak underground that is causing the foliage death.

3. Bubbles

Another sign of a gas leak is bubbling water. Perhaps when you water that section of your garden that does not grow you have noticed bubbles in the wet ground. This could be a gas leak or a plumbing or septic system issue. Think soda pop. When you open a can the water starts to bubble; you’ll notice a similar reaction in the ground if you have a leak.

4. Gas Bills

If you opened your gas bill and had a heart attack, don’t yell at the kids and your spouse just yet for taking too long of showers. Even in the winter when you use your furnace more, you shouldn’t notice an abnormal increase in your utility bill. If you do, you may have a gas leak and, as such, the gas is escaping and running up your meter.

5. Illness

Finally, gas is never meant to be inhaled and if you do so, it could turn deadly, especially if it’s carbon monoxide. Signs gas is leaking into your home include everyone feeling as if they have the flu. Other symptoms of a leak that is affecting the family’s health include complaints of

  • Breathing difficulties
  • Chest pain
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Tiredness

Don’t ignore any of these symptoms, especially if more than one person is complaining of them. Rather, call Five Star Plumbing for San Antonio, TX, service. Don’t forget to shut off your gas at the main right away and then give us a call.


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